Remembering When I Was Young

Story by Carole Carson, illustrations by Sam Kuo

What will your grandchild remember about you when all the toys have been put away?

Have you ever had a grandchild ask “Grandma, what was it like for you during the Revolutionary War?” Or, “Grandpa, did buffalo roam in your back yard when you were growing up? Were they big? Were there lots of them?”


Given how elusive the concept of time is for children, what grandparent can resist the impulse to exaggerate just a tad? Or to take a wee bit of artistic license?


Remembering When I Was Young playfully engages an imaginary world that maybe, just maybe, existed at some point in time—if only in our imagination. At least that was the answer I gave my Grandson Caelan, 7, when I finished reading him the book and he said, “Grandma, is that really true about what it was like when you were little?”


“Well sort of,” I said. That’s because as a child, like children everywhere, I lived partly in the real world and partly in a world of my own creation. And I want Caelan to enjoy the magic and make-believe of childhood as long as he can.


But this book doesn’t stop here. Once you’ve finished turning the world upside down, continue the adventure with real life stories from your own unique childhood. Questions about your best friend, your favorite birthday or what you wanted to be when you grew up give you an opportunity to become a real person to your grandchild.


By recording your answers, you create a memory book that will be handed down from generation to generation.


And don’t forget the companion coloring book. Talking and laughing as you fill your imaginary world with color, you’ll be creating memories that will last long after the crayons are back in the box.